CSS formatter

CSS Lint is the free online validator and reformatter tool for CSS ✅, a lightweight interchange format ✅. Copy and paste or directly type in the editor and let CSS Lint format and validate your CSS code ✅.

We don't store any tracking cookies 🍪 And we do not store any input data. Your code is your ownership, we just make it prettier for you 💗🙏

Tips & Tricks

  • If you want your CSS code to be clean. You can paste your whole stylesheet in the code section and let CSS Lint format your code.
  • You can format HTML at HTML-formatter.online.
  • You can format XML at XML-Lint.com.
  • You can format JS at JS-Formatter.com.
  • You can format JSON at Format-JSON.com.
  • You can calculate and visualize your website's CLS (Cumulative Layout shift) score CLS-Test.com.